10 Gadgets That Help Lose Weight

Weight Loss Gadgets

To lose weight effectively, safely and sustainably, there is no secret: you need to combine a balanced diet and regular physical activity.  But we are in the age of technology and many gadgets now exist to help us in the infinite search for the right weight!  We are not talking here about quack stuff, but about objects, sometimes unusual, that can help us lose those extra pounds or boost our motivation …

Here is a small list of these weight loss gadgets.  Which ones will you choose?

1 – Sportwatch that calculates … everything!

The Nike + Sportwatch GPS is a water resistant watch, yes, but also more: it records the number of steps, counts calories burned, acts as a stopwatch, serves as a GPS to direct you according to a precise route, records the route you took, calculates your heart rate.  It is not yet able to do groceries or dishes, but it will surely happen!



2 – Personalized Spy

The Fitbit is a small clip-shaped gadget that attaches to your belt or pocket. It records all the activities we do in the day and can thus calculate the number of calories we have used.  It can even count the number of steps we mount and give us a report on the quality of our sleep. Then all saved information is transferred to your computer so you can compare your activity from one day to the next and set goals.



3 – Smart Fork

All nutritionists say it’s important to take your time when you eat. This smart fork helps you reach your goal by calculating how much time you eat, the number of morsels per minute, and the length of time between each bite. Then you can download the information to your computer or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth to evaluate your progress from one meal to another.



4 – Intelligent Scale

For those who want to know exactly what you are eating, there are now several scales on the market that will give you the exact nutritional value of your food: calories, fat and protein, cholesterol, salt, vitamin intake and fibers, etc., provided you enter the code of the food in advance. We recommend Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale.


5 – SodaStream Machine

You are addicted to alcohol, but you want to get rid of this bad habit? Never mind, you can now create your own sodas from herbal tea, water, fruit juice, etc. So you can enjoy a refreshing drink without worrying about the amount of sugar and chemicals ingested. The creators of the Sodastream machine recommend using the concentrated syrups they sell, but many people have tried to create their own sugar-free beverages and the result is still successful!



6 – Training While Working?

Well, this is a bigger investment than what we expect for a gadget, but the idea is interesting!  For example, a company has created a learning mat that can be used in the office, to work or to surf the net. This machine, TrekDesk Treadmill Desk – Walking and Standing Desk for Treadmill Workstation, is a walking and standing desk for treadmill that can get up or down depending on whether you want to walk or sit. Besides, it is almost quite.  Of course, you cannot run a marathon, but it certainly does not hurt your legs a few hours more a day.


7 – The More We Move, The More We Play!

For all those who love video games and online games, there is a small device that could revolutionize your daily activities. The Ozo Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer is actually an addictive mini video game, but also a pedometer that calculates the number of steps you walk or run, the steps you climb and any type of physical activity.  And that’s not all, it’s also a downloadable application for free!  The more you move, the more levels of the game are unlocked.  It’s also perfect for kids who want to see more physical activity in their routine.


8 – The Spoon That Thinks Of You

A smart company has developed a computerized spoon, Salinity Meter for Food, to calculate the salt content of all the liquids you consume: soups, soups, salad dressings, etc.  You will know directly if you consume too much salt, which is always a good thing, because a diet too salty also has a responsibility in weight gain, in addition to being harmful to health in many other areas.


9 – Nintendo Wii U Fit

Whether you want to dance zumba, salsa or flamenco, aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, pilates or muscle building, there’s definitely a way to use your Nintendo Wii U Fit Balance Board and Meter (or borrow from kids) to achieve your health goals.


10 – Music At The Pool

It is now possible to swim at the pool (or elsewhere) while listening to your favorite music.  Apple has developed a totally Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swim Kit that will allow all small fish to swim to the rhythm of salsa, why not? In this way, it is enough to close your eyes to think of Cuba.  Be careful … open them from time to time so as to avoid swimming pool injuries.

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