3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse Weight Loss | Smart Pressed Juice | Detox Shake Health Program | Cold-Pressed Green Juice | Beets Chia Fiber Protein Celery | MADE IN USA

3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse Weight Loss | Smart Pressed Juice | Detox Shake Health Program | Cold-Pressed Green Juice | Beets Chia Fiber Protein Celery | MADE IN USA

Product Description
Eating the wrong foods and feeling unhealthy? The three day juice cleanse is the refreshing way to get you back to feeling light, clean and happy again. As the most complete and balanced organic juice cleanse on the market, this juice cleanse is specifically designed to support your body’s natural cleanse functions. Each juice cleanse features over 50 certified organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods with only 1 g of naturally-occurring sugar per serving. You will receive 3 Juice Cleanse Boxes, with each box containing: the juice schedule program guide, 2 Vegan Vanilla Proteinis, 2 Organic Pressed Greens, 1 Pineapple Chia Cleanse and access to a clean meal plan. Convenient and affordable, these organic juice cleanse powders are travel-friendly and portable for your busy lifestyle. Activate your three day cleanse with the widest variety of toxin-flushing, alkalizing superfoods to energize and restore you during all three phases of cleanse.

Price: $69.95

  • LOSE WEIGHT and feel amazing on the award-winning organic juice cleanse – burn fat, slim your waistline, drop sizes and turn heads.
  • JUMPSTART YOUR METABOLISM with energizing cold-pressed greens, beets, turmeric and 50+ organic superfoods. Just add water!
  • REDUCE CRAVINGS with plant-based superfood proteins and activated fiber from chia and sprouts
  • NO MORE BLOATING with no added sugar, plant enzymes and vegan probiotics
  • DETOX AND CLEANSE your way to health with the highest quality, made in the USA, CLEAN LABEL ingredients, USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, No Artificial Ingredients.

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  1. 42 of 43 people found the following review helpful

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Uh, haha, yeah. It worked., May 17, 2018

    By M.Phillips

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    This review is from: 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse Weight Loss | Smart Pressed Juice | Detox Shake Health Program | Cold-Pressed Green Juice | Beets Chia Fiber Protein Celery | MADE IN USA (Misc.)

    I ordered this as a kickstart to my diet plan.
    I know I shouldn’t really have been, but I did work out while I was on a three day cleanse.
    Now, Mind you. I’m 5’2 and 187 pounds when I started this, getting off of a diet that consisted of mainly fast food and crap.
    The first day I started this while also taking an Apple cider Vinegar supplement, I went to the gym and worked out for 2 hours. By the time I was done at the gym, I’d weighed myself to be 187. I followed the plan that was provided for in the package.
    The next day I did the same thing, taking the supplement and going to the gym. Only this time, when I weighed myself, it told me I was 182 now.
    I know, I couldn’t really believe it.
    Good thing I also use my digital scale at home and, yeah. I for sure lost 5 pounds in one day.
    I know it seems like an unhealthy amount of weight to lose in one day, but it makes sense knowing what I was eating before I started.

    I can’t really give this my 5 star because, well,
    The first day I felt great. I was just starting on this and everything was going fine (Although, the powder texture is quite unbearable and the green juice is just, well… safe to say I had to brush my teeth after each drink of that). But by the end of the second day, I felt like I was gonna pass out. I was hydrated, peeing almost ever 15 minutes, but I don’t think the powder and the single meal a day was really enough to sustain my body.
    By the third day I weighed myself to be 178.
    So, 9 pounds down in 3 days.
    Can’t say the same will happen for everyone else but, hey, if you had a diet and body similar to mine, maybe it’s worth checking out.

  2. 21 of 21 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Totally Worked For Me, October 14, 2018

    By Erin Bode (Omaha, NE)

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    This review is from: 7-Day Organic Juice Cleanse Weight Loss | Smart Pressed Juice | Detox Shake Health Program | Cold-Pressed Green Juice | Beets Chia Fiber Protein Celery | Made in USA (Misc.)

    Starting off with results. I’m at the top of my 6th day and have already lost 5.8 lbs. And real pounds – not water weight.

    I tried the 7 day cleanse after about a month of eating really poorly. I was bloated, felt terrible and desperately needed a reset. I read many of the reviews going into this, particularly regarding the taste of the products. I used unsweetened almond milk to mix with the vanilla powder and the pineapple at night and I used Diet V8 Splash tropical blend for the greens. The vanilla powder is thick – tastes a little like drinking pancake batter, but the taste is fine and it’s totally doable. With the V8 the greens tasted exactly like the juice at first taste (despite looking like a dark green drink). I won’t lie, the aftertaste was a little funky, almost peppery, but nothing so terrible. The pineapple was surprising bland, but there are a lot of little chia seeds. For the lunches I either did a small chicken breast or small piece of salmon with a spinach salad. I was surprised how very rarely I felt hungry.

    Drawbacks – I missed eating, like the physical sensation. The only time I ever really felt hungry was usually between the 3:00 pm Greens and the 6:00 pm Vanilla, but it wasn’t like a famished feeling so waiting was fine.

    Overall – I would definitely do it again. I stuck to the regiment very strictly – timed everything out with the suggested times (though I did move everything back an hour so I could sleep in Sat and Sun) – and only ate the one meal at lunch time.

  3. 112 of 113 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Wowzer… it worked!!, February 28, 2018

    By Mrs.Cortes09

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    This review is from: 1-Day Organic Juice Cleanse Weight Loss | Smart Pressed Juice | Detox Shake Health Program | Cold-Pressed Green Juice | Beets Chia Fiber Protein Celery (Misc.)

    So I bought 10 one day clenses to do with a group of friends. Well only three of the friends ended up doing them cus the others were a bunch of cheapos and didnt want to pay me…. but I decided to do the rest since I saw they actually sold a 7 day cleanse anyways.

    I’m 27 years old, a mother of two who is relatively lazy and chunky… and im also 5 feet 6 inches tall, I wear a size 16-18 from oldnavy and an 18-20/xxl from target on some few days that I’m not wearing leggings 😉
    Anyways I stepped on the scale Tuesday morning February 19th and was 253.2 lbs, then last night I stepped on that horrible, ugly, hateful thing again and it showed 241.4 lbs…. that is just SEVEN DAYS later.

    AND I just bought 2 pairs of jeans in size 14 at target this morning that fit great!!

    Breakdown of my days of food: I start my day every moring at 530am (except saturday and sunday where i lay around in bed advidly ignoring the screams of anguish till my kids are on the verge of mursering each other and my husband has pulled all of his hair out) but I don’t eat breakfast till around 8ish. I wake up and drink about 16oz of water followed by a cup (or three) of blonde espresso for my caffinee kick.
    I had the vanilla protein mixed with frozen banana, strawberry and peaches for breakfast in the blender. (And twice i just mixed the vanilla protwin into my oatmeal which wasnt bad at all.) Then I may do some homework (who am I kidding, I watch tv to avoid the loads of coursework because i work better in a self induced panic at the last few hours i have to turn it all in) or sometimes I’ll actually take my dog for a walk for about 45 minutes(happened three times in the 7 days) Then 2 hours later I mixed the green shake mix with one half cup of frozen mangos and a half cup of pinapple tidbits in the blender. Followed by water. Then I ate a regular lunch most afternoons. I would have a huge salad, or cottage cheese and tomatoes(it’s my fave) or a sandwhich loaded with some meats and tons of veggies. Also more water and lemon. Then about 2 hours later I drank the green shake mix again on the way to get my kids from school every day. Followed by a chugged bottle of water (I did miss the 2nd green shake on saturday and Sunday due to family activities one afternoon and the other was spent hiding away at Starbucks pretending to do homework) then dinner at 530pm i would eat between 400-600 calories depending on what I at at lunch. My dinners were mostly salmon, chicken breast or my fave black bean tostadas. Then i would drink the protein/cleanse mixed together at 8pm cuz I always wake up starving otherwise.

    The vanilla mixed as I made it was tasty, the green was fruity and the pineapple mango fruits hid any possible nasty green taste, and then I literally just chugged the protein and chia mix at night as fast as I could manage because I didn’t mix it with frozen fruit. I followed that with a 4oz glass of white wine.

    I know I could have done this in a more strict manner but prioir to this “clense” I ate snacks all day of cakes and chips and junk. I’m a snack-o-holic with emotional eating tendencies so I know I’m not great in my diet. This cleanse though made me stick to a plan and actaully kept me really full. I’m going to get a maintaince pack and see how it turns out. I’m hoping to keep of the work and make healthier choices. Maybe take my dog for a walk daily. I do feel different and less kinda stuffy I guess.

    I’ll update again in a few weeks. Maybe post some measurements and photos.

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