10 Training Tips to Lose Weight

Training Tips To Lose Weight 

Training Tips To Lose Weight

Maximize your workout time with these 10 tips that will help you reach your weight loss goals and achieve real results.

1. Be Effective

No matter what physical activity you choose, be strategic and efficient. Minimize your preparation and travel time and maximize the time you spend moving. To do this, reduce the minutes spent from point A to another point B, change position quickly and have a plan of what you will do as a workout (improvise as little as possible!). Do not wander in the shower either. You need to make sure that in the end you will have spent more time moving than making the transition between what you were doing before and what you will do after being activated.

2. Have A Clear Plan For Your Workout

Think about what you will do as an exercise. If it’s muscle training, know which muscles you want to work on.  If it is cardio, know which machines you will use or which DVD (capsule format, applications, games, etc.) you will see.  A waste of time, no matter how small, can have a huge impact on your performance and motivation.

3. Take A Personal Trainer Or Training Coach

Hire a coach to help you stay motivated and have a safe and specific training program on hand.  Some prefer to consult their coach regularly while others simply make an appointment with him during the changes of season or when they wish to vary their sequence of movements.

4. Vary Your Workout

To help you stay motivated, change your exercise plan often.  In addition to helping you maintain a healthy and healthy lifestyle, this way of doing things will help you avoid ceilings and, in doing so, consistently exceed yourself.  In doing so, you will reach your most impossible weight loss goals.

5. Stay Informed

Take the time to learn and deepen your knowledge of the sport you practice. Go to the library to read books, read at the bookstore, subscribe to a fitness magazine, etc.  All means are good to keep you informed of the sport in which you are investing time and money.

6. Write Your Goals

Keep a journal, be specific and detailed about the information you write.  Although you are not preparing for the Olympics, take this exercise seriously.  Set clear, measurable and specific goals for your needs.

7. Document Your Course

In the age of the selfie, do not hesitate to take photos, because the concrete proofs of your evolution, even of your progress, will speak for themselves.  It’s so easy to forget where you come from.  The degree of motivation of your course depends on your progress.  And over time, you will even like to pose for the camera and you will want to share your journey with your entourage and your virtual friends.

8. Give Way To Inspiration

Inspiration can come from everywhere: TV shows, movies, books, podcasts and music, a source of inspiration that will inspire you to do your best during your workouts.  Your loved ones, some personalities you admire and your idols can also, in one way or another, help you stay motivated.

9. Choose A Sport That You Like

The simplest way to achieve concrete goals is to practice a sport we love.  Because by doing what we love, we do not count time.  We invest and things move forward naturally.  We become good, we take self-confidence and the body is transformed (provided of course that food and healthy lifestyle are part).

10. Limit Distractions

Do not let distractions distract you.  When in training mode, leave it momentarily to focus on the task in question.  If you decide to do two things at the same time, like reading a magazine while cycling, make sure that this combination does not affect the quality of your workout.  Give yourself 100% to not stay with the impression that you could have done more.  Post-workout endorphins are exhilarating, and do not miss them!

Do not be afraid!  The results will come with time and hard work.  It’s about persevering.  Just keep in mind that with constant effort, progress, no matter how slow, will happen.  And please, enjoy the process, because it’s not a sprint, but a long-term race.

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